Cattle Panel Fence for Your Goat

Dec 8th

Cattle panel fence – Goats are difficult animals to contain. By nature, a lonely goat after their tendency to seek to travel off-site to connect with other goats. At the same time, goats facing each other across a fence line may try to assert dominance, attacking each other through the fence. Goat heads and horns get stuck in fences, as a result of these actions.

Traditional Cattle Panel Fence
Traditional Cattle Panel Fence

Build a cattle panel fence, no electricity. Selecting a fence design with “won” or panels “pig”. Cattle and hog panels are a series of small square holes in a section of the wire fence. Each hole is about 1/2 foot by foot – the reduction in size as it approaches the fence ground level. Small holes make it difficult for a goat to insert their horns. A fence panels won 5 meters will be maintained, while pork fences panels will rise to 3 feet. Make your selection depending on the size of the goats -. Larger goats, the higher your fence

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Install an electric cattle panel fence. Electric fence – like cattle – or fences pork panels – are often sold in 16-foot sections and are manufactured with a small square whole design. Choose an electric fence with a load of 10,000 volts that will support quickly away any animal that comes into contact. An electric fence can be a strong deterrent to a goat – but the downside is that a goat does not jam, the risk of a fatal electric shock run. See the fence and farm experts for additional guidance when making this choice.

Cover the horns of the cattle panel fence. . Measure the length of each horn goat and the space between the tips of the two horns. Total all of these measurements. Add four inches to the grand total. Cut a piece of pipe, washing machine hose round to meet the grand total. Bend the tube and insert one end above and below each respective horn. Tape clamp or coatings on the base of each horn to hold the tube in place. Adding four inches allows easy manipulation curve and how it fits into the tube on the horns. Covering the horns of the goat reduce your chances of being caught in a fence.

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